I spent this evening “optimizing” the blog.   We now have a fancy RSS subscription clicky icon official ParentingGeekly email!  You can now email yours truly at: sharon@ParentingGeekly.com

KlawBerry: Good Girl. Bad World.We’re also now part of the Amazon Associates program, a change that I hope will not be overtly noticeable. It just means that when we decide to reccomend a product (like when we told you all about KlawBerry: Good Girl. Bad World. earlier this week), we can provide a link that will take you directly to that product’s page on Amazon.  If you buy it we make a wee pittance which will hopefully allow me to keep this site running without forking over too much more of my kids’ lunch money.  We will continue to only recommend products we really like, so rest assured this doesn’t really change anything, I’m just all about full disclosure!

So please, email me, subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed, leave a comment and click the Amazon links!

Okay, enough of all that boring business talk!  To make it up to you tomorrow I am going to make a post about an ultra-cool science-y project that you can do with the kids and will be prefect for Easter…bath bombs!