Are you a Geeky Parent?  Are you in a geeky profession and want to share your point of view? Do you have a topic that you just love to write about? Looking to increase exposure to your blog, or expand your writing portfolio? Well, good news, Parenting Geekly accepts submissions from guest bloggers! Submit a one paragraph pitch to: All guest bloggers will get a link to their blog/webpage in the blog post, as well as a mention on the Parenting Geekly Facebook and Twitter Feeds and exposure via Networked Blogs syndication.

I’m also looking for parents in geeky professions or those who have geeky hobbies to feature. I’d especially love to feature those who work in the comic book industry, in video games, the media,or academia, though I’m certainly open to other ideas.   If you think that’s you and want to share your story without having to write for the blog email me at: