So something has been bothering me for the past few months.  The idea of “hot girls” pandering to geeks has been a hot topic.  I even commented on this subject on this very blog.  I think it’s important to talk about this, I do.  But here’s what is rubbing at me:  What about those of us that don’t fit the mold of what is traditionally considered “hot”?  I mean, if you look at the Oh You Sexy Geek panel that was at Comic Con this past week, there was not one plus-sized panelist, nor any of color.  It didn’t bug me until I started to realize that it felt like high-school.  I wouldn’t have been invited to sit on that panel because I don’t fit someone’s ideal of “sexy”.  It was like when all the cool kids sat at a lunch table and told you that you weren’t welcome.  I know that it wasn’t the intention, but instead of feeling like a celebration of girls who like nerdy things, it was a celebration of HOT girls who like nerdy things, which just seems to defeat the point to me.
The panel explored what it means to be sexy and who defines sexy, which are really important topics, but when you fill a panel solely with people who fit the standard ideal of “sexy” it kind of waters it down a little.   It would have meant more to me if a Sexy Geek of Size (Robin Thorsen comes to mind) or even a sexy male geek (I’m not including Chris  Gore whose only contribution to the panel was to comment on how sexually attractive he found his fellow panelists, ewww.) was included on the panel. It’s easy for a famous model like Adrianne Curry to say that “Sexy is how you feel” while talking in her wig cap.  She may have been in a wig cap, but she’s still a supermodel. 
Is it just taken at face value that I’m *not* pandering to men because I’m fat?  It’s just a given that I’m a nerd?  I have a few kids, and it had nothing to do with midichlorians so obviously someone thinks I’m sexy.  Is my opinion on nerdy things not as important because I’m not a hot young girl? Aren’t we talking about Hot Girls that feel that way?  Why does it feel like once again it’s just another way for everyone to celebrate how great it is to be young and thin and pretty?
Seth Green, who was in the audience spoke about how the geek community should be more inclusive in general.  I *think* that was the point of this panel, that sexy geek girls should be welcomed, but instead the panel’s thesis seemed to imply the opposite.  It made sexy girls seems more important once again, and in an arena where I had always felt that maybe, for once, how I looked didn’t matter.

Update: After thinking about this a bit more and reading your comments/emails I’ve written a little more, you can find that here.