During my annual eye exam last week my eye doctor, who is normally very calm and reserved, excitedly told me about the “new technology” the office had acquired. It was an Optomap machine that takes a wide angle picture of the back of your eye.  He was talking about this thing like it was a shiny new toy that he got for Christmas.  I’ve never seen the guy crack a smile, let alone act giddy.  I was ready to dismiss this as an upsell ($37 not covered by insurance) until he told me my pupils wouldn’t have to be dilated if I went the Optomap route.  SOLD!

They looked at me a little odd when I told them I’d like a copy of the picture, but today it showed up in my inbox.

BEHOLD…my left eye!

The doctor said I had cute eyelashes.

It looks a bit like something NASA took, doesn’t it? The bright dot in the middle is the optic nerve.  The dark side to the right of the nerve is where the eye  processes light, it’s dark because it dense with blood vessels.  The dark spot to the left is a choroidal nevus, which is fancy talk for  “a freckle”. The pictures revealed that I  have some retinal stretching, which is normal for someone who is extremely nearsighted.  Other than that, my eyes are perfectly healthy!  Yay!