I came across this template from mmmmcrafts via Craft.  It’s not necessarily geeky, but I love birds and I think this would be fun craft to do with your kids.  The idea is a great jumping off point as well.  I could see some pretty cool Portal cards or a Tardis card being made using a similar cut paper technique.  To be more environmentally conscious you could make this pattern using found and scrap papers; the birdies would look just as cute with leftover wrapping paper wings as they do with the scrapbooking paper used in the template.  And crafty kids could personalize the birdies with accessories to make them look more like the kids and moms they are meant to represent (for example, Nate’s card would have him holding a Nintendo DS while Mama Bird hugged him).
You can download the template here.
And you can view the instructions here.

If you do make this card, or are inspired to make your own version show it off on Parenting Geekly’s Facebook page.