Is it Worth Your Allowance? is a new column where my 15 year old geekling reviews video games that cost about 10 dollars. He will give a run down on all the relevant information, a short review, and will let *your* geekling know if it’s a game that’s worth their allowance.

Reviewed by Nate
Genre: building, physics
Cost: $6.99
Developer: Spiderling Studios
If you’re interested in buying this game go to this link

Besiege is a game where you build medieval siege machines to complete a given objective. I recomend this game for people ages 10 and up because it has cartoon violence and minor gore (you can burn or run over people, though it’s not realistic). 

The games allows you to make almost anything from the wide variety of given parts. It has 15 levels for you to go through with challenges ranging from destroying buildings to moving boulders. The developers are still adding content like levels and building materials. 
I dislike that the camera is always manually controlled, but that isn’t really a problem – more of a preference. This is an early access game which means that it isn’t 100 percent finished, but the game is completely playable and the devs are still adding and changing things. 
The most impressive machine I built was an airship that had 7 flamethrowers on the bottom, which  I used in a challenge to kill sheep. My airship is nothing compared to the things the community has built, like transformers and giant walkers.
Overall, my final rating for this game is 8/10 and I definitely think it’s worth your allowance.

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