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First look at Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph

The internet is abuzz over the first trailer for Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph.  The first preview debuted online yesterday.

Check it out:

I love the concept of a vintage video game baddie wanting to try his hand at being the hero.  The voice cast (John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch) is A-list, and the preview shows cameos from Bowser, Dr. Robotnik from Sonic. and other vintage video game bad guys.  I just don’t see how this could be bad.

Squinkies Giveaway

Squinkies Giveaway

I’m still giving away my loot from the awesome Activision Games for Girls Summit!  Today, I have a few items from the adorable and popular Squinkies franchise.   This package includes Squinkies 2: Adventure Mall Surprize for the Nintendo DS and a pack of Squinkies toys.

The prize, courtesy of Activison.

From Activision:

In Squinkies 2: Adventure Mall Surprize, players will explore the recently opened Adventure
Mall Surprize. As young gamers control their squishy, squashy character, they learn to
navigate the mall in a quest to invite the other lovable Squinkies to a fantastic Squinkies party.
Along the way, you get to collect magic coins which, when deposited in the Gumball
Playhouse, unlock secret playable characters. There are literally hundreds of Squinkies to
meet and greet, so get bouncing!

  • Unique Setting: The Adventure Mall environment is entirely new for the game and exploring the amazing environment is just plain fun!
  • Hundreds of Squinkies: There are 600 Squinkies in the game, some that are playable characters and others you simply add to your collection. The 40 available playable characters also have 10 “rare” and un-lockable friends that must be purchased with the Magic Coins found around the mall.
  • Unique Environments: Four distinct play areas, each with four stages of thematic backgrounds keeps the game feeling consistently fresh and distinct. Specific locales include: Aquarium, Food Court, Wedding Castle and Amusement Park.
  • Included Squinkies Toy: Each purchase of the game will include an exclusive, limited release and ultra-rare 3-piece Squinkies playset!

This game was a bit more reading heavy than Lalaloopsy.  Kit enjoyed playing it but needed guidance at almost every step.  This would be a great game to play together.  If that’s not your sup of tea, if you save the DS for those “Mommy needs to go the bathroom ALONE” moments, save this one for kids who are literate.  If your child enjoys Squinkies, or enjoys collecting games such as Pokemon, this one is sure to be a hit.

I am trying something new and managing this giveaway with Rafflecopter software, which seems like it’s going to make my life and your entry a whole lot easier while still letting me do all of those obnoxious blog giveaway things like asking you to follow me on Twitter.   Enter using the form below (make sure you also actually leave a comment in the comment section!).  A winner will be chosen on Monday, November 21, and I will post the winner in an update on this page.

Lalaloopsy Giveaway

Lalaloopsy Giveaway

Congratulations to Amber who was entry #7 and won the Lalaloopsy prize pack!

I recently attended Activision’s Games for Girls Summit.  The content was super interesting and engaging, but the best part was the swag bag. It was Suh-weet, loaded with all of the games we tried and some other licensed goodies. I’m feeling generous, and want to help my dear readers with their Holiday shopping, so I’ve decided to give it away!  I’ve split the swag into coordinating packs in order to give as many of you a chance to win as possible. Most have a DS Game and a related toy.  The Wappy Puppy, which is awesome, will be the grand finale giveaway!

The first prize pack I’m giving away is a pair of items from the super popular Lalaloopsy franchise.  For those not in the know, Lalaloopsy is a series of large dolls and small figures from MGA Entertainment.  The dolls are a modern twist on rag dolls, they’re pretty cute, although Nate has called their button eyes “creepy” and “Coraline-esque”.  The gimmick is that the dolls magically came to life, and have the traits that go along with the special fabric they were constructed after (the one made out of baker’s apron is a baker, and the one made out of astronaut’s flight suit is a scientist).

Activision has taken the popular property and created a game that Kitty sure seemed to love.  I was initally worried that her inability to read would really hinder her ability to play.  Thanks to the intuitive game play, she was able to navigate the game on her own for over twenty minutes.

Thanks to intuitive game play, Kitty was able to figure out that there was a lost pet that she had to find for her friend, even without the ability to read.

From Activision:

The whimsical and magical world of Lalaloopsy has been brought to life on the Nintendo DS. As the
new girl in town, you start by selecting your very own playable Lalaloopsy friend. Reunite all the
familiar Lalaloopsy dolls with their lost pets to build incredible friendships and unlock exciting crafting
activities. Special surprises and cool collectibles make it a unique and exciting experience. There is so
much to do and so much fun to be had, it’s time to get sewing!

  • Play with Your Favorite Lalaloopsy Dolls: All 12 dolls are available to play with including: Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff, Blossom Flowerpot, Bea Spells a Lot and many more!
  • Colorful and Whimsical World: The handcrafted feel and bright palette is preserved in the game. Every doll’s environment and items will feel familiar to all Lalaloopsy fans.
  • Build Lasting Friendships: Help the dolls find and care for their pets to unlock their specific craft mini-game; giving the finished crafts as gifts unlocks even more accessories!
  • Create Cute Crafts!: Twelve doll specific craft activities are made uniquely personal with various customizations and themes. 
  • Rewards A’Plenty: Frequent rewards, accompanied by distinctive animations, sounds and content, coupled with delightful hidden collectibles, make the game engaging and exciting.
  • Added Bonus: Included with each game purchase is a limited release Mini Lalaloopsy™ doll.

This prize pack includes a copy of the Lalaloopsy game for Nintendo DS, which includes a Mini Lalaloopsy and an additional Mini Lalaloopsy. Mini Lalaloopsy’s box has a  hole in the back (thanks to Kitty who couldn’t keep her hands off of it) but is otherwise sealed and fine).  These items were given to me by Activision during their Games for Girls Summit.

The fabulous giveaway!  Thanks, Activision!

To enter to win this item, leave a comment telling me who you’d give this set to below.
To gain an additional (optional) entry follow @ParentingGeekly on Twitter (if you’re not already!) AND send the following tweet:  “Win a Lalaloopsy Nintendo gift pack from @ParentingGeekly :” Leave an additional comment here that you followed/tweeted.

I’ll post the randomly selected winner in an update on this post on Thursday, November 17.  Good luck!