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Dad presents daughter with graduation present 13 years in the making, makes the rest of us look bad

Dad presents daughter with graduation present 13 years in the making, makes the rest of us look bad

Last week MSNBC published the story of Bryan Martin’s gift to his daughter Brenna for her high school graduation.

For 13 years, Bryan Martin kept the book hidden from his daughter, dutifully taking it to her teachers, coaches and school principals every year to have them append it with positive comments and messages.

Finally, on June 8 — the day of her graduation from North Johnston High School in Kenly, N.C. — Brenna Martin received a special copy of the Dr. Seuss classic “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!’’

At first Brenna thought she was getting an ordinary copy of the book, which is a common graduation gift.  It was only after her dad told her to open it up that she discovered notes from her teachers going back to when she was five years old.  As the days after the graduation went by she learned that most everyone in her life knew about the book, helping her dad guard the secret for 13 years.

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What do you think of Bryan’s gift to his daughter? Have you ever received such a thoughtful gift?  Let me know in the comments below, on ParentingGeekly’s Facebook page or on twitter.

Star Wars family decals are way cooler than the stick figure ones most families have.

Star Wars family decals are way cooler than the stick figure ones most families have.

At this point I think I just need to sign my paychecks right over to Think Geek.

I am not a fan of car window family decals.  I just don’t get the point of wanting weird stick figure representations of the members of your family (really only identifying their gender) on the back of your car.

I am however, seriously considering buying some of these Officially Licensed Star Wars Decals.  for $14.99 you get 50 decals, with 19 separate characters to choose from.  So Mom’s truck can have Han+Leia= Yoda and R2-D2  and Dad’s car can have Darth Vader + Padme = Kid Luke and Leia.   The set comes with 12 Stormtrooper Kid decals, so even the largest geek families can represent!

Star Wars Family Car Decals $14.99 at Think Geek.

Geeky Father’s Day Gift Guide

Geeky Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is fast approaching and I have rounded up some handpicked gifts I think that Geeky Dads of all stripes would appreciate!

This picture frame from Gibberish uses the Periodic Table of Elements to spell out a name.  Spelling out your family name would make an awesome picture frame for Dad’s desk.They also make awesome greeting cards, lab coat tags, and cuff links.

These Autobot Family Decals are a geeky alternative to the ubiquitous family stick figure decals and would look way cooler on Dad’s car.

If you are crafty you still have some time to bang out one of the amazing Pixel People cross stitch patterns from Weelittlestiches.    They say that they are suitable for beginners and the PDF pattern files even include tips.  The one pictured has all of the Doctors from Doctor Who, but you can also find Ghostbusters, Firefly, Justic League, Star Wars and other geeky patterns.

Barnes and Noble just launched the newest version of their E-Ink Nook Reader.  I have the older generation one, and Super Dad is always borrowing it. The combination of the E-Ink screen (which is super easy to read, even in harsh sunlight and has a fantastic battery life) and the LCD touch screen on the bottom make the Nook attractive and super functional.  The newest generation ditches the separate LCD screen, but employs a very cool full sized E-Ink touch display. The main selling point of the Nook versus the Kindle for me was the fact that I can use the Nook to borrow ebooks from my local library.  The Nook can be picked up at any Barnes and Noble, or online (with free shipping for Father’s Day if you order by the 16th).

A magazine subscription (SciAm, Make, Cook’s Illustrated,Wired, etc.) is the perfect gift if you’ve totally waited until the last minute.  You can go into your local book shop, megamart, or drugstore and pick up a copy of a magazine that dad would appreciate.  Present the current issue to him with a note explaining that you have arraigned a subscription for him.  Then go online and buy him a subscription.  Don’t forget to do that last part, it’s important.

If the budget is tight or you just don’t do presents, a personalized photo greeting card from Tiny Prints is a great small gift.  This is actually what I sent to my dad.  He’ll love the picture of the Grandkids and the personal messages (from the kids and a sappy something from me) inside.  This is especially great if your Grandparent goes by an unusual name.  My Grandpa was Grumps, my Dad is Pop Pop and in my family we also have a Grand Keith and a Big Mike, you can’t find those at Hallmark!

What did you get the  Geeky Dad in your life?

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