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Girls-as-nerds is a hot news topic right now.  One one side of the coin, GeekGirlCon is happening in October in Seattle, hoping to celebrate women in Geekdom and the blog Has Boobs, Reads Comics written by  Jill Pantozzi is a comic news site from a woman’s point of view.  On the other side are people like this person who wrote a blog post entitled “Having Tits and Liking Spiderman Isn’t Shocking Anyone” in which she proclaims that she’d like to punch the aforementioned Ms. Pantozzi in the boobs (really, she said that). 

I understand why someone would question the need for female-centric geek media.  When I first heard about GeekGirlCon, my first response was “why?”.   Why do we have to have a seperate con?  Isn’t this 2011?  Doesn’t something like this make our geeky culutre even more segmented?  Sure, I was made fun of for having Batman posters and reading TMNT when I was a young girl/teenager, but surely that’s not the case for girls anymore, right?

Then within the course of a week Nate told me that there is a girl on his school bus who was getting crap from the boys about playing her DS, the cashier at the grocery store asked Kitty if the Spiderman toothbrush she picked out was for her brother and I read about Katie Goldman a little girl who was bullied by some little boys for carrying a Star Wars water bottle.

So, yeah we need events like GeekGirlCon. And blogs like Has Boobs, Reads Comics, The Geeky Hostess, Total Fan Girl and GeekMom  We need to rally around our girls and let them know that  they can embrace their feminitiy while playing Magic: The Gathering, kicking ass at Portal 2 or playing with their chemistry set.  We need them to know that it doesn’t matter what the boys, or anyone else thinks.

We’re not trying  to shock you, Zooey at Synthesis.  It’s not about you, it’s not about shocking/impressing a guy or another girl or anyone for that matter.  We read comics because we love comics, we play video games because they’re fun and we love Star Wars because it’s awesome, and that should be good enough.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Nerdy Moms.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Nerdy Moms.

If you are a mom like me (and if you are a mom reading this blog, there is a good chance that you are), Precious Moments figurines just don’t cut it for you.  So I have compiled a list of super awesome mother’s day gifts that you can “accidentally” leave open in your browser for your husband/partner/kids/other to find.  You’re welcome.

  • Mike’s Amazing World of DC Comics has an amazing list of comics from many publishers that is searchable by month and year.  Find one from the month and year Mom was born, search for it on Ebay or your local comic store and have it framed.
  • Custom Comix on Etsy has super cool bangle bracelets made from old comic pages. They currently have Thor, Doctor Who, Dazzler and others listed.
  • Think Geek is chock-full of items any nerd would love, but some of my favorites for mom are:
    • I love the  Custom Comic Book Charm necklace from Etsy Seller I Make Cute Stuff.  How cool would it be to put your last name on there! Smith!  Jones!  McCormac!
    • Mom probably isn’t much of a gamer if she hasn’t gotten a copy of Portal 2 yet, but if she somehow missed it now would be a good time to pick it up.
    • For the gourmand: Two of my favorite cooking resources are James McGee’s On Food and Cooking. Amazon says: “A classic tome of gastronomic science and lore, On Food and Cooking delivers an erudite discussion of table ingredients and their interactions with our bodies.” Nerdy!   I also love Cook’s Illustrated  which prides itself on preparing each recipe dozens of times until it’s perfect.  You can’t go wrong making a recipe from CI. 
    • Pacific Northwest Moms are sure to love tickets to Geek Girl Con. It will be held October 8th and 9th in Seattle and will celebrate “the contribution and involvement of women in all aspects of the sciences, science fiction, comics and related Geek culture”. 
    • Handmade art.  Have the littles draw mom a bookmark and have it laminated or frame it, or turn it into a magnet.  You can’t go wrong with this one. 

    Disney Princesses Need Not Apply

    Disney Princesses Need Not Apply
    Disney Princesses need not apply.

    I just found this ThinkGeek shirt via a picture posted over on Geek Dad on a post about stories featuring female characters.  I actually haven’t read the post yet, as the picture of the shirt got me right over to ThinkGeek.  I think I may get this for Kitty for her upcoming birthday.  She’s obsessed with princesses right now.  Thankfully much of her playacting involves swords (she was Princess Assassin yesterday at one point) and very few princes.

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