Homemade sidewalk chalk

Homemade sidewalk chalk
Photo from Hipster’s Tea Party

It’s finally nice out here in Seattle, and when the sun comes out my kids love sidewalk chalk.  It never ceases to amaze me to see the kids of our block (who range in age from 5 to 15) all drawing with chalk together in my triplex’s huge driveway.   The problem with sidewalk chalk is that it’s relatively expensive.  Sure, you can buy a tub of it for $6, but with 9 kids making masterpieces those big buckets can last less than one afternoon.

I’ve seen recipes floating around the internet for homemade sidewalk chalk.  It’s great because you can make big ol’ sticks of chalk in a endless array of colors and the materials are cheap and easy to find at any craft store.

The recipe we’re going to try out is from Hipster’s Tea Party and can be found here.  I’ll update with the results as soon as I gather up the supplies.

Have you make sidewalk chalk?  How did it turn out?  Let us know in  comments on the Parenting Geekly Facebook Page or on Twitter.

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