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Disney Princesses Need Not Apply

Disney Princesses Need Not Apply
Disney Princesses need not apply.

I just found this ThinkGeek shirt via a picture posted over on Geek Dad on a post about stories featuring female characters.  I actually haven’t read the post yet, as the picture of the shirt got me right over to ThinkGeek.  I think I may get this for Kitty for her upcoming birthday.  She’s obsessed with princesses right now.  Thankfully much of her playacting involves swords (she was Princess Assassin yesterday at one point) and very few princes.

Merit Badges for Nerds

Merit Badges for Nerds

Remember when you were in Boy/Girl Scouts and you got Merit Badges for completing some requirements?  Why shouldn’t we get that now? The crap I do as a Geeky Parent is hard, I want some recognition, dammit!

The Homonyms badge. Oh, I see what you did there.

The guys over at Nerd Merit Badges think that we should get that recognition. They are doing their part to recognize the talent and accomplishments of nerds everywhere.   Right now they feature different eight different badges that you can purchase* upon completing the requirements.  They even sell a sash for your laptop!!!  You can earn badges for attaining the elusive empty e-mail inbox, or for providing tech-support to your family members (make your parents/kids/Aunt Sally buy that one for you).

 They are super cool and I want them all.

*One of the badges can only be earned by participating in a weight loss challenge on their sister site  This site also looks awesome, and I am thinking about giving it a go.

Cool Interactive You Tube Video from Sesame Street

I’ve never seen anything like this before!  The folks over at Sesame Workshop have made an awesome interactive YouTube video.  By embedding links to other videos in the first video they have essentially created a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style experience.   This one features Cookie Monster and his friend Emma learning about buoyancy and introduces kids to the concepts of the scientific method.

Sesame Workshop has really done something cool and innovative here, and as is their style, it’s done with high production value and many teachable moments (Kitty wanted to know what a hypothesis was after watching the clip).