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Is it Worth Your Allowance – Nuclear Throne

Is it Worth Your Allowance – Nuclear Throne

Is it Worth Your Allowance? Is a weekly column written by 14 year old Nate. Nate reviews inexpensive games and lets your geeklings know if it’s worth spending their hard earned allowance on. Have a game to suggest? You can email Nate here.

Game: Nuclear Throne
Genre: Roguelike, shooter, indie
Cost: $12.99
Developer: Vlambeer
To buy this game go to this link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/242680/

Nuclear Throne is a top down roguelike shooter set in a post apocalyptic world full of mutants where you have to fight hordes of monsters, Once you kill all the enemies in a level a portal will open which brings you to the next level. There are 15 levels of different post apocalyptic settings like mutant infested labs, frozen cities and more that you must get through to reach The Nuclear Throne (the main boss), but after you defeat it the game goes on getting harder and harder until you die. After you die the game restarts and all the levels change shape because they are randomly generated (the randomly generated part is what makes it a roguelike).

The game has 12 characters that you choose from, each with their own special ability. Some of the characters are Rebel, Robot ,Eyes and more but my favorite character is Fish.  As his name implies,Fish is a fish. His ability allows him to do a roll, and he starts with more bullets. If you have collected enough uranium while playing,  you be able to get an mutation (upgrade). When you beat The Nuclear Throne you will get a ultra mutation (really good upgrade). Each character has two ultra mutations to choose from Fish’s ultra mutations confiscate and gun warrant give you different powerful attributes and each character gets at least two to choose from when you defeat the Throne.

The game has an 16 bit art style that I like a lot, the “sprites” (character animations) are so smooth that they look alive but still keeping the retro look of 16 bit. I recommend this game for ages 10 and up.

Overall,  my final rating for this game is 7/10 and I definitely think it’s worth your allowance.

Mom/Editor’s Note:  Nate had a hard time summarizing game play on this one.  Each time you play the game it randomizes certain features, so it’s different every time.  Here’s the info from the publisher and a link to buy: