One of my readers, Eric, wrote this on Parenting Geekly’s Facebook Page:

My daughter is the geeky gamer girl who has tubes of polyhedrons in her room. When she leaves middle school and into a much larger high school and I just know that there will be more geeky girls in her class, do you have any advice for helping her out of the lone female to a friendship with other geeky girls?

Here’s what I wrote in response:

I think she should continue to do what she likes to do and she should join clubs that look interesting to her. As long as she isn’t resistant to becoming friends with the other girls she’ll be fine.

I really think (read: hope) that at this point being a geek is so mainstream that it’s not the same type of situation as when we were younger. Something like 80% of the US Population thinks “geek” is a complimentary term now. It sounds like you’ve raised a confident girl who knows what she likes, I’m betting she’ll do fine!

 What other advice can you offer Eric’s daughter?  Leave your advice in the comments section below.